Kathy 1st

All my life I searched for a religion that fit me.  When I first found UU I was told either we don’t have a belief or we can believe  “anything we want to”. This did not satisfy me so I searched for an answer.  And I found it in the members of this church, the Principles and Sources and books that I studied. One explanation that seems to sum it all up is by Kate Tweedie Covey:  “We come from a long tradition of questioning and searching.  We come from a long tradition of loving kindness and good works. We have powerful stories and visions of hope.”
And so Today I light the chalice for our 1st Principle – it is the one most people remember. We light our chalice for the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Or the Child’s version - Each and Every person is important.
I leave you with these two questions -
Do you really believe everyone has inherent worth and dignity and is important? And most importantly do you live it?